Panda Security is one of the best known antivirus manufacturers in the world and enjoys a great reputation. The company's products offer several features that help you protect your PC and mobiles, preserve your privacy and even optimize the performance of your devices.

Panda is also available for the most popular operating systems, making it an excellent choice when you want to protect multiple devices in your home. If you're looking for strong security and excellent features to go with it, Panda is a good (but perhaps not the best) choice.

In this article we give you our opinion about panda security, its different features and why you should buy it or not.

Security of Panda Antivirus 🐼

When it comes to safety and protection, Panda ranks among the best in the industry according to most major testing laboratories.

Panda's antivirus tools have detected all malware attacks, even those he was not aware of before, in tests.

One area in which Panda could improve its tools would be the number of false positives it reports (files that the antivirus thinks are infected, but are not really infected), with a much higher number than its competitors.

Even so, I always prefer to be more protected than less, and a few false positives are annoying, but not enough to bring the grade down. However, some of his competitors like Bitdefender are more reliable on this point.

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What is the Panda Dome Suite? 🐼

Recently, the company has updated its product lines with its new Dome Suites, which offer increased protection and provide more tools to protect you from the many dangers of the web.

Panda Dome's security starts with an antivirus scanner that offers complete protection and fast results when it detects a potential threat. The company's scanners check for standard problems - viruses, Trojans and worms - as well as malware and ransom software, which quickly become a major problem if you're on the web.

In addition, Dome scans any USB device you plug into your computer, such as a USB flash drive or external hard drive. Even if you know where they come from, these devices are plugged into many computers, some of which are unprotected.

If you are not careful, even reliable sources can introduce a virus into your PC. The best thing is that Panda Dome doesn't wait for you to ask it to run a scan. The program constantly analyzes threats and reacts instantly if it finds something on your PC.

Scans on Panda 🐼

Another advantage of Panda's new Dome tools is that you can choose the scans you want to run. When you choose to run a new scan, you can choose between a full scan, a custom scan or a critical scan.

The first will check all files and directories on your computer, and the second will only check the folders you specify. I was very curious about the "Critical Scan" which only goes through the places on your PC where malware and viruses (such as your temporary files and cookies) normally hide.

I found it very useful because it allowed me to reduce the time of my analysis and focus exactly on the areas I thought were most at risk.

panda security scan


Panda Security Features 🐼

👉 Protect your Wi-Fi network from attackers

Instead of targeting individual computers, many hackers choose to attack your network. This gives them access to all your devices and can be even more dangerous than a regular attack.

Panda Dome includes a Wi-Fi protection tool that locks your network against prying eyes or potential attacks.

When you enable the Wi-Fi protection tool, you can monitor every connection to your home network, and you can easily approve or block their access with a single click.

Wi-Fi protection also lets you know when you're connecting to a public network with lower protection standards than your own.

This allows you to check the activity of others and make better decisions about connecting to the network or finding your Internet access elsewhere.

👉 A powerful firewall

Other antivirus products I've tested recently have disappointed me by bypassing the firewall function, so I was happy to see that Panda includes a powerful firewall. When you install an antivirus, a firewall can help it do its job better by also limiting who and what can enter your computer from the Internet.

Panda's firewall is fully customizable, so you can choose exactly how much data you want to let in and how much you want to prevent from entering. Most importantly, the firewall always works in the background, allowing you to stay safe even if you don't realize that attackers are trying to penetrate your defenses.

panda security firewall

👉 Surf the web safely and anonymously

Even with powerful identity protection, the safest way to browse the web is through a VPN, which can hide your real location and encrypt your data so that no one can spy on you.

I was impressed to see that Panda includes its free VPN (which gives you 150 MB per day) in its three main Dome packs. Although it doesn't include some of the tools offered by the full VPN suites, Panda's Free VPN is a great way to add more security to your PC and your privacy when surfing the web.

👉 Protect your children online

For many families, one of the biggest concerns about the Internet is the ease with which children can access sites that are not necessarily safe for them.

These include websites with adult content, violence, as well as places where they can be contacted by people you'd rather they avoid. Panda Dome's Parental Control allows you to decide which sites your children can and cannot visit thanks to an easy-to-use whitelist, and you can even use a filter to prevent them from being lost in search results.

To make sure your kids aren't going anywhere they're not supposed to go, you can also monitor filters and web activity from your children's devices on the Parental Control screen.

👉 Defend your privacy with robust tools

In addition to preventing malware from entering your computer, one of the main tasks of an antivirus program is to protect your privacy when you are surfing the web. Panda Dome has a complete suite of tools that defend your privacy, including Wi-Fi protection and corporate VPN, in addition to several notable features.

One of my favorites is the virtual keyboard that you can use to login to sites and enter your password. It may seem minor, but keylogging - where a hacker can monitor the keys you press on your keyboard to steal your password and data - is an increasingly common attack, and can be catastrophic if you're not careful.

In addition, the company's Data Shield protects your files from ransom demands by letting you choose which files to protect and giving you the ability to set permissions on who and what can access them.

You can even choose the file extensions to protect, which cover a much wider area than just choosing files. For example, you could protect all your Word and Powerpoint documents by simply selecting the file extensions .docx or .ppt.

👉 Protect your devices from thieves

Smartphones and mobile devices contain more personal information than ever before. So I'm glad that an antivirus company is helping to protect mine from thieves and hackers.

One of the best features is the ability to track your devices in real time, which allows you to know if one of them has been stolen. In the event of loss or theft, you can easily protect your data by locking your phone and remotely deleting all the data you want.

Even better, the anti-theft technology provided by Panda even allows you to take a picture of the culprit when he fails to unlock your camera three times. This allows you to locate your device and helps the police solve the crime.


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Ease of use 🐼

More than just having it installed on your computer, an antivirus works best when you can easily manage all its features. The Dome packages from Panda Security all offer a quick and easy installation that you can perform with a single click when you have finished downloading the products you have chosen.

The good news is that the amount of information that Panda needs for users who buy its products is very minimal.

I was also pleased to see that the rebranding of the company also extends to its already simple user interface. From now on, when you open Panda Dome, the main screen shows you all the features and tools you have and whether they are active or not.

You can find more specific settings and features by clicking on each icon. Overall, I found that the new design makes it much easier to find everything you need.


Panda Antivirus Support 🐼

If you find yourself with a problem you can't solve, or even with questions about the functionality of your antivirus, Panda gives you several ways to find the answers you need. If you can easily answer your questions without the help of a support agent, you can take advantage of Panda's many resources on its website.

They include practical guides, tutorials and articles on the most common user problems. If you need more personalized support, you can contact the company by e-mail, live chat, phone and even on social networks.

I've found that Panda is very good at responding quickly. I also noticed that the support team was highly qualified and was able to answer all my questions easily.

If you don't want to wait for a support agent, you can also visit the Panda Security forum, where you can get answers and share notes with other users and members of the company's technical support team.

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Rates Panda Security 🐼

Panda Security comes in three large packseach offering a slightly different set of features. If you're only looking for basic antivirus services and don't need additional features, you can choose the Essential package, which includes antivirus and firewall and some privacy tools.

If you're more concerned about privacy, the Advanced package includes Parental Controls, Application Locks and a handy Call Blocker.

Finally, Dome Complete adds other privacy features (data protection and password manager), as well as many other mobile tools available.

Overall, the higher level products (Advanced and Complete) offer more value if you are interested in additional features and specific privacy protections. However, if you're simply looking for a way to protect your computer thoroughly, the "Essential" plan is still a great solution.

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